COVID-19 Guidelines (updated January 11, 2022):

  • All patients are screened prior to booking an appointment and are not given an appointment if they have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • No accompanying visitors will be allowed, with exception for patients requiring support or a parent/guardian for minors, and must be screened prior to booking along with successful pre-screening upon arrival.
  • ​If any pre-screening answers/symptoms change within the 24 hours of appointment, notify the clinic immediately.
  • The front door will be locked during appointments.
  • Patients may arrive at the clinic no earlier than five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time.  Clinic staff will unlock and physically open the front door to maintain a controlled environment.
  • New patients will complete intake forms online submitted by the clinic.  If internet access is limited, the clinic will provide an alternative option to submit in person.
  • Upon clinic entry, patients must use hand sanitizer at front entry and may use designed bench at front door for patients in need of support.
  • Face masks for patients must be put on prior to entering clinic.
  • Recommended masks are disposable face masks.  Masks available for purchase.
  • Once in clinic screener is complete, patients and support individuals must wash hands.
  • Athletic therapist will be wearing a medical face mask, safety goggles, nitrile gloves and scrubs.  Gloves will be changed after each patient and sanitizing.  Hands will be washed between glove usage and change of task.  
  • In-clinic foot hygiene - patients will bring socks or indoor slippers to be worn in clinic for appointments.
  • Commonly touched surfaces will be sanitized between patients and after use of area/item.
  • ​Appointments will be a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • ​Treatment provided will be within reasonable physical distancing within the Scope of Practice of the athletic therapist.
  • Preferred payment methods: Interac, VISA, Mastercard & American Express are available with contactless payment. Terminal is sanitized after each use.  Cash is accepted.


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